Date: November 21, 2014 (read complete testimonial)

August 17, 2015 (9 months post-op)
So here’s my story about the experience I had with my procedure. I apologize for the length but there is no way we could describe it. I realized there was an issue with my shoulder one day and being self employed I knew I was in trouble by not having any insurance. I knew that a lot of Americans go across the border for dental work so I figured there had to be a solution for me. I googled Mexico health care and right off the bat I found MedToGo. This all started on a Sunday so I was sure no one would answer calls but still I made an attempt. Sure enough no answer so I left a message and within 15 minutes Robert Page had called back. He informed me that I needed an MRI. We scheduled an MRI and had the results returned to Robert and within a few days had a response from an orthopedic surgeon. Now mind you all this started around Nov 1 and now we are about the tenth. Robert provided me with all the details and prices upfront and was very helpful answering all my questions.


Date: September 18, 2014 (read complete testimonial)
About 6-7 years ago I had a slip and fall at home and injured my hip. I live on the east coast of Canada and although Healthcare is inclusive, certain things move very slowly. Three years of a limp, then a diagnosis determining that my hip needed replacing, we're followed by another 3 years of waiting.

In July of 2014, my hip had deteriorated to the point where I had unbearable pain in every step. When I contacted my surgeon's office, I was told that I needed a new referral from my physician (could take as much as 3 mths). I was then told the current wait list was close to 2 years.

At some point in your life, you decide that enough is enough! Enter Robert Page and Medtogo! 


Date: June 3, 2014 (read complete testimonial)
My bi-lateral shoulder surgery was nothing short of a huge success. I had had a previous arthroscopic surgery in 2010 on my left shoulder that took 2 years to heal and still had pain. Dr. Max evaluated that shoulder in May of 2014 (7 other orthopedics said it would have to be sacrificed as it was too far gone) and felt that he could repair it with probable outcome close to normal.

I have been pain free since about two days after the surgery. Both arms were done simultaneously which all of the other surgeons had advised against. By the second or third night I was able to sleep on my side (either one) with care. By the end of the second week I only required intermittent usage of the sling on my left arm as that was the shoulder that was completely avulsed from the bone.


Date: May 5, 2014 (read complete testimonial)
I injured my hip when I was 14 yrs old and am now 44 yrs old. I finally had enough of the Canadian specialists refusing me surgery due to my age, even though x-rays clearly showed I was a candidate for a total hip replacement. I was tired of living in pain every day from the osteoarthritis in my hip so I got on the internet and through research found MedToGo and Robert Page. Through email and phone conversations we had I was confident that I found the right place. Robert was extremely helpful through the whole process, even lined up a call with Dr Max Greig. During the call my questions were answered and found them both very easy to talk to. It was time to book! Robert offered extensive help through email articles on hip replacement to booking hotels in Puerto Vallarta as well as providing me with an Insurance agency that saved me half of what I was going to pay originally with even greater coverage, MedToGo really does do it all.


Date: April 4, 2014 (read complete testimonial)

Dr. Greig completed a total knee replacement on my right knee in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico on April 4, 2014. Logistics and coordination for the surgery was done by Robert Page with MedToGo in Phoenix, Arizona.

The entire experience, for me, was outstanding. Dr. Greig’s skill, professionalism, and very personable manner resulted in an excellent result. With a lot of help from Adriana, Dr. Greig’s physiotherapist and some follow up when I got home, my recovery has been complete and I was back to all regular activities within 3 months of surgery [photo to the left, taken at 3 months post-op].

Robert Page did an excellent job of  arranging and facilitating my initial interview with Dr. Greig. He was the interface between myself, Dr. Greig, and the hospital in getting the surgery arranged for a day that fit my schedule and then coordinating all aspects of our trip to Mexico and home again.

I am extremely satisfied with my new knee, with Dr. Greig, and with MedToGo. If I need my other knee replaced I will definitely ask Dr. Greig to do the surgery.

Don Anderson
Vernon, B.C.


Date: March 7, 2014

Dr. Max,  Just an update on my recovery. Medicaid, in the US finally opted for more physical therapy for me-- after I said I was going to apply for disability since they couldn´t help me anymore. It´s a shame that, that´s what it  took to get the aftercare treatment I needed, being they didn´t pay a penny to help with the surgery bill, since it was done out of the country, even though it was an emergency operation. That´s our Medicaid, Medicare system for you, in the US.

I´ve got to say, it was worth every penny and ten times cheaper – literally, than if it was done in the US. Thank God I was in the right place at the right time.

After completing the additional PT treatments needed and progressing to the point of being released –  I´m doing good – I made it to Vallarta, and just like you said – I stepped off the plane and I felt like the old me – before the pain and the operation.  You are the best! In any and all countries!  You´ve given me my life back – and pain free.  I still do my stretching exercises and working on strengthening the muscles now.

Thank you, just isn´t enough, to you and all your wonderful staff, for the genuine care and treatment that I received from beginning to end. When something this life changing happens to a person, it´s just not right to keep it to yourself – I´ve got to tell anyone thinking of going to Dr. Max here in Vallarta for any surgery or treatment – he´s the Man – do your research and compare – but you have just found your life changing solution.

For me it was a herniated disk, misdiagnosed in the states years before. Problems for years till it became unbearable when I was here in Vallarta. Dr. Max immediately found the problem – disks 4 and 5 .  He took a piece of bone from my hip, put it in my neck and put a titanium cage around it all.  It was only a matter of a couple days between MRI, cardiologist, tests … till I was on the operating table. Dr. Max and a college of his, a  Neurologist  2 nights in the hospital , all the before and after care for $14,000.00 dollars. And the most important part I am pain free, have all the feeling back in everything and am the person I was before the car accident that caused it all.


Date: September 27, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
I was quietly sitting in the lobby of the hospital while my daughter, Kelly Thigpen, was going over her post-op. As usual I was working my word puzzle book when this man floated through and said there is a word. When I looked up the first thing I noticed was his hair, then his height and then I think he had on a lab jacket. A few moments later Robert Page showed up to tell me that Dr. Max Greig would be able to see me at 7 that evening. Now I don’t know about you but how often have you gotten in to see a specialist in less than 6 weeks much less 6 hours. Hello! Welcome to Mexico!! About two minutes later that friendly gorgeous man came in and Robert introduced him—— Dr. Max Greig!!! OMG!!!!! Not only personality, brains, looks but such a kindred spirit who truly cares. I have never been so impressed with everything.


Date: September 27, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
I earn my living as a computer network engineer. As the father of 22 kids – 19 adopted, 3 natural – I’m used to dealing with minor medical emergencies. I’m certified in first aid. I’ve worked a number of medical missions including a week in the Haiti earthquake in 2010 which was like the TV show MASH.


Date: September 15, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
I’m Lee Ann Weaver from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I came down for a total knee replacement. I decided to look into medical tourism when I found out what it was going to cost in the States. We’re self employed, and our insurance for the last 8 or 9 years, we had the same policy, the rates kept going up, and we had to keep adjusting the deductibles went up also. And we couldn’t go anywhere else because I had knee surgery earlier, and it was a pre-existing condition, so I couldn’t find another carrier. And finding out it was going to cost $54,000 to have it replaced in Tulsa, I decided to start looking into options, and someone told me to check abroad.


Date: June 25, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
Hello Robert, Jerry’s shoulder is so, so much better. He can raise it over his head!!! What an accomplishment. Dr. Max is wonderful; fixed it perfect. I’ve been telling people about you and MedToGo. Maybe something will come of it.


Date: May 23, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
It has been 6 months since Marks hip surgery! He is doing great, better than ever! We want to thank you for your services in directing us to such a terrific surgeon and staff in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Dr. Max Greig works miracles. He has Mark back on his feet, and enjoying life pain free! (YEA!) We cannot thank you enough for the services MedToGo offers for people in our situation. We tell everyone MedToGo made our dreams come true. MedToGo is definitely the WayToGo! 


Date: May 9, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
My knee is doing great.  I am so thankful to have found your outfit and gotten it fixed so quickly and “painlessly”.  I am nearly 100% range of motion.  Kind of funny, I just noticed one day that I was bending my knee all the way without effort!  I can't express how grateful I am for your and Dr Grieg's services!


Date: February 21, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
My name is Marcia Davis, and I’m from Bartow, Florida. I had my unstable shoulder completely repaired. It’s been popping out and dislocating for years, and it was completely repaired. I teach swimming for a living, and it would dislocate while I’m swimming, working, changing clothes. It was really effecting my life.


Date: February 20, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
I’m David Breen, I’m from Nashua, New Hampshire. I’m 29 years old. I came here to Puerto Vallarta to have shoulder surgery. I’ve had constant dislocation for about 10 years or so. I never had insurance and finally it just went from bad to worse. Finally I just had enough, and I did some research. I found MedToGo. They hooked me up with Dr. Max and fixed me up. Excellent communication, friendly guy, made us feel very comfortable.


Date: February 5, 2013 (read complete testimonial)
In mid-February, I flew to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico to have arthroscopic surgery on my knee. I am a long distance ultra runner from Salida, Colorado. I run 100 and 50 mile races such as the Leadville 100, Bighorn 100, Wasatch 100, Bear 100 and Hardrock 100. All of these multiple times in the past. Through the years, these races have taken their toll my knees and finally it was time to do something about it. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Max Greig, my surgeon in PV, Mexico. 


Date: August 24, 2012 (read complete testimonial)

Pancreas in place, kidneys secure, and liver intact after my international tour in medical conquest. About six months ago I fell while snowboarding, re injuring a sensitive shoulder to a greater degree.


Date: June 14, 2012 (read complete testimonial)

My name is Cassandra, I am 41 years old and I live in San Diego. I came to Puerto Vallarta to have a total hip replacement with Dr. Max Greig. My closest family knew how badly I needed the surgery and in a timely matter and they pitched in to help get me down here and some of them came with me.


Date: June 13, 2012 (read complete testimonial)

My name is Jim Black, I am from North Carolina in one of the larger towns, Charlotte. This experience as far as being in Puerto Vallarta for Hip Replacement has been absolutely great. Everything that was told by the management has happened, there has been really no disappointments what so ever.


Date: June 12, 2012 (read complete testimonial)

Hello my name is Robert Del Real, I am a patient of Dr. Max Greig. I just had a total knee replacement in my left knee. I came down from San Diego, California on Monday and had surgery on Tuesday morning, today is Friday and I am getting ready to leave the hospital.


Date: April 18, 2012 (read complete testimonial)
My name is Victor Mabry, I am from Houston, Texas. I located MedToGo on the internet, found it to be a very good opportunity to get two surgeries that I needed done at a much reduced price than the American hospitals. Both my surgeries were rotator cuffs, pretty good tears.


Date: March 7, 2012 (read complete testimonial)
My name is Robert Wilson, I am from Clinton, Missouri which is south of Kansas City about 70 miles. I had a complete hip replacement, it was my right side. It was just not financially possible to have it done at home, it would have put great hardship on me at this time, this was my best and a good resolve for my problem through MedToGo travel.



Date: October 5, 2011 (read complete testimonial)
Hi, I came down to Puerto Vallarta because I broke my collar bone and I had to have a plate put on it. I didn’t have any insurance so I looked up on the internet and found a service called MedToGo that put me in touch with an orthopedic surgeon here in Puerto Vallarta. Since I didn’t have any insurance I started looking for a reasonable service outside the country. 



Date: December 1, 2011 (read complete testimonial)

MedToGo Patient: My name is Steve Fillion, I’m from Cawston, a small town in British Columbia.

MedToGo Coordinator:  Could you tell us what procedure you came here for?

MedToGo Patient: I came down for a complete knee replacement.



Date: November 18, 2011 (read complete testimonial)


MedToGo Patient: My name is Douglas Darling from Vancouver, British Columbia.

MedToGo Coordinator: What was the Procedure you had done?

MedToGo Patient: A total hip replacement.


Linda Sharpe – Total Knee Replacement SURGERY

Date: November 11, 2011 (read complete testimonial)

Hello, I am Linda Sharpe. I am from Edmonton, Alberta Canada and I have just had surgery in Puerto Vallarta with Dr. Max Greig. It was a great experience, I can’t say enough good about the hospital, the staff, or the doctors. The whole system they had in place was just absolutely excellent. I really enjoyed the nurses, the doctors were just awesome.


Date: October 14, 2011 (read complete testimonial)
I would just like to write a few words about my experience with Dr. Greig. From the time we arrived on Feb 6th 2011 until the day we left, the doctor and his staff provided some of the best communication I had ever received for a pre-op as well as post-op. I was picked up at the  airport the day before surgery for a consultation with the doctor and dropped off at my hotel later that day.


Date: July 19, 2011 (read complete testimonial)

I would like to thank Dr Greig for giving me back my life to be pain free. I was in terrible pain for the last 6 months and finally could not walk in the last four months prior to him doing surgery. The wait list in Alberta was two years, and I was in constant pain. I was put in touch with Dr. Greig at the Premiere hospital in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, through MedToGo, Robert Page.


Date: May 19, 2011 (read complete testimonial)
I am writing on behalf of David Leo as well as Debbie and myself. We are all very grateful for the excellent care David received during our recent visit to Puerto Vallarta for shoulder surgery. Robert Page (MedToGo) provided us with all necessary details to initiate the process and has consistently followed-up to ensure our complete satisfaction. Alfred was, of course, very helpful in assisting us with the many details when we arrived in PV. All of the hospital and lab staff were professional, courteous and helpful throughout the entire visit. And clearly, we are wholly pleased with the clear communication and explanations that you provided before the procedure. David, Debbie and I are all confident that the surgical procedure will yield a satisfactory result.


Date: February 7, 2011 (read complete testimonial)
I would just like to write a few words about my experience with Dr. Greig. From the time we arrived on Feb 6th 2011 until the day we left, the doctor and his staff provided some of the best communication I had ever received for a pre-op as well as post-op. I was picked up at the airport the day before surgery for a consultation with the doctor and dropped off at my hotel later that day.


Date: January 12, 2011 (read complete testimonial)
My doctor here in the US told me I needed to have rotator cuff repair surgery. My wife and I looked at a lot of options.


Date: November 13, 2010 (read complete testimonial)
I started looking at having hip replacement surgery about January 2010 and began searching the internet when it became obvious that I would not be able to afford to have surgery stateside. I found MedToGo.com and another company of which Robert Page at MedToGo was the only company which responded to me in a timely manner. Robert gave me all the details to the questions I asked, gave me supporting material to which I could refer, and also was willing to set up phone conferences with any Doctor or Doctors to whom I wanted to personally speak.


Date: October 4, 2010 (read complete testimonial)

I found myself in a bad economy on health insurance and my hip was shot, I mean the poor thing was bone to bone. A friend of mine read in the paper somewhere that there was a company called MedToGo doing good work in Mexico for people in my situation , so I contacted them via the web.


Date: June 22, 2010 (read complete testimonial)

I have to say, picking MedToGo International was probably the best move I could have ever made. From the first time I spoke to Robert Page, MedToGo Representative, I had a good feeling that these were professionals I was dealing with, later to find out they and team are much more. When I decided to go ahead with Hip Surgery in Puerto Vallarta it wasn’t simply all about money. It was about working with a team including Robert Page, Alfred Greig, and Dr. Max Greig.


Date: May 21, 2010 (read complete testimonial)
My name is Ric Maddock. I am a sixty year old structural engineer who is very active and plays a lot of sports including volleyball at a competitive level. Over a year ago, while playing, I heard a pop in my shoulder and apparently suffered a massive tear of the superspinatus and infraspinatus tendons. I didn’t realize the severity of the injury for several months, expecting a recovery which never came.


Date: December 1, 2009 (read complete testimonial)
I was one of the ones who slipped through the system and couldn’t get insurance. Totally unable to walk, I had to ride in a scooter because the pain was so great. I went to 3 different doctors before finding out I needed hip surgery. Then the problems started. My insurance wouldn’t pay for any test or treatment that I needed, because it was pre-existing. I went through this for 3 years before someone asked me if I had considered Mexico and I started to research online.


Date: September 17, 2009 (read complete testimonial)
I had my total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Greig in Puerto Vallarta and am extremely happy with the overall treatment, attention to detail and the end result. I am once again living pain free and didn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to achieve this.


Date: July 28, 2009 (read complete testimonial)
Dr Greig is a very special Surgeon and I can’t recommend him enough! In fact I have recommended him to quite of few people! His entire staff is excellent and extremely caring. I can’t say enough good things about his team. People I don’t even know ask me where I’ve had the surgery and are quite surprised that I had it in Puerto Vallarta.


Date: January 31, 2009 (read complete testimonial)
As a wife of a patient I felt compelled to write you and “THANK YOU” for a job well done. When we learned Joe had completely destroyed his ACL and would require surgery I nearly lost it. We were told that the costs of the surgery to be performed in the US would be approx 25K to 40K I thought Joe was going to have to learn to live with the pain.


Date: October 31, 2008 (read complete testimonial)
It has been seven weeks since i had my rotator cuff repair surgery..I have gained a lot of movement in my arm and am on a regimen of exercises…I have been able to finish a small leaded glass window working on commissions for a few hours at a time…I have very little pain and am healing quickly..and back to living in my treehouse in the redwoods above Santa Cruz.


Date: June 3, 2008 (read complete testimonial)
Major surgery can be a scary thing for anybody. Having chosen to live my life in a remote area and fish commercially, I, as well as many of my townsfolk, have left my/our selves hundreds of miles away from any medical attention more than stitches and the re-setting of broken bones. This only adds to the fear, anticipation and sense of uncertainty associated with any major surgery.


Date: June 3, 2008 (read complete testimonial)
The best way for me to concisely convey my MedToGo experience is to relate how it was with my injury, what transpired using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator, and how it is today, back home, as I write these words:
I’d severely torn my right rotator cuff, as diagnosed by a local Orthopedic Surgeon, and the only option was surgical repair. The costs of having this done locally, meaning an hour and a half of hospital time, Orthopedic Surgeon, Anesthesologist, medications, etc. came to, at a minimum, $20,000.


Date: February 20, 2007 (read complete testimonial)
I had total knee replacement surgery performed by an orthopedic surgeon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.